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Classic Engine Restoration In Vermont & New England

RPM Racing Engines is the horse power that drives local, regional and national racing champions and lead by owner Rick Paya. RPM also specializes in  providing rebuilt engines for classic and collector cars and trucks. Our team is known for bringing top level engine restoration services to all the classics including, 351, 427, 440, Hemi’s and so much more. We can provide performance engine rebuilds and services in New England and Vermont for any classic car enthusiast.

Clients choose RPM for our dedicated and expert staff. From unmatched assembly, precision on-site machined parts and accuracy standards that will ensuring your in Olds, Vet, Camero or Mustang meets and exceeds your desired spec’s and performance. 

Restoring A Classic Car Or Truck?

Trust your engine to RPM Racing Engines!

RPM Racing Engines has over 50 years of experience in custom engine rebuilds for all the classics.

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