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Part Number: M-9000-D347SRKIT | $5,200.00

  • The M-9000-D347SRKIT Engine Kit kit includes:
  • This kit includes all of the unique Ford Racing parts to build a D347SR Spec Engine with the 11/32" valves. In addition to the parts included in the kit the engine builder will need to buy other readily available aftermarket parts to complete the build. The block is not finish honed,the valve seats are installed and unfinished, and the rotating assembly needs to be balanced. See the attached parts list for a complete listing of all of the parts included in the kits and the others required to finish the build.
  • Sealed Circle Track Engine Kit Parts list
D347SR7 SPEC ENGINE KIT  - M-9000-347SR7KITM-9000-347SR7KIT

MSRP: $6,100.00

RPM Price: $5,200.00
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  • Made In The USA

  • This part is designed and intended for competition use only. It should not be installed on a vehicle that is driven on public roads and highways. Installation of this art on a vehicle driven on public roads and highways is likely to violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle emissions.

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