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M-6007-MZ73 – 7.3 MEGAZILLA 615HP Ford Performance Parts

The Ford Performance engine team has put together the 7.3L MEGAZILLA™ crate engine. MEGAZILLA™ features the Ford Performance 7.3L intake manifold, CNC ported cylinder heads, forged pistons and connecting rods. MEGAZILLA™ cranks out 615HP and 638 lb-ft of torque in a streetable package running on premium pump gas.

  • MEGAZILLA™ features:
    • 7.3L displacement
    • 10.5:1 compression
    • M-6049-SD73P/M-6050-SD73P CNC ported aluminum cylinder heads
    • M-9424-73LP low profile intake manifold
    • M-9926-M5292 92mm throttle body
    • Mahle forged pistons
    • Callies H-beam forged connecting rods
    • M-6303-SD73 production steel crankshaft
    • M-6250-SD73A hi-performance 7.3L camshaft w/ VCT delete
    • M-6010-SD73 production cast iron block
    Peak power output (J607 standard):
    • 615HP @ 5,750RPM
    • 638 lb-ft of torque @ 4,650RPM
    • Over 500 lb-ft of torque from 2,500RPM to 6,000RPM
    Assembly includes:
    • Coils/plug wires/spark plugs
    • Production oil pan
    • M-6038-73 shipping/storage cradle
    • Production engine wiring harness
    *Bellhousing bolt pattern same as the Ford 4.6/5.4 and Coyote 5.0L*
    For control packs, please see M-6017-73M and M-6017-73A. Custom calibration required.
    For starter, please see M-11000-SD73
    For FEAD, please see M-8600-SD73 and M-8600-SD73AC


PART TYPE:              Engine: Complete Engine


UPC CODE:                             756122014066
Package Dimensions:  36.5″ X 44.5″ X 36″
Package Weight:                  737 lbs.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:         Canada