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M-7003-R58C – Ford Performance Parts

RPM Price: $2,550.00 $3,195.00


  • 600 lbs./ft. torque capacity
  • Gear ratios: 1st 2.87; 2nd 1.90; 3rd 1.34; 4th 1.00; 5th 0.82
  • Features improved shift forks, one-piece counter-shaft, gears made of 4615 steel which increases the torque capacity over that of the M-7003-R58 model
  • Input shaft is 26 spline and output shaft is 31 spline
  • Requires a unique bellhousing M-6392-R58 to install in a 1979-95 Mustang
  • To fit in a 1979-93 Mustang use M-5059-A crossmember
  • To fit in a 1994-95 Mustang, modify vehicle crossmember, lengthen driveshaft .625″ and use clutch fork E6ZZ-7515-A
  • 31 spline driveshaft yoke required
  •  Requires unique clutch disc M-7550-T302 (10.5″) designed for use with 26 spline input
  •  Can be used in 4.6L applications with bellhousing M-6392-M46 and Clutch Kit M-7560-T46 (11″)
  • Tremec recommends Synchromesh® fluid

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PART TYPE:              D-Line Manual Trans.


PACKAGED DIMENSIONS:  12.75″ x 17.5″ x 34.25″

PACKAGED WEIGHT:            120 lbs.

CATALOG PAGE #:                  229

UPC CODE:                              756122068854

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:        Mexico

This part is designed and intended for competition use only. It should not be installed on a vehicle that is driven on public roads and highways. Installation of this art on a vehicle driven on public roads and highways is likely to violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle emissions.

Not all Ford Performance Parts may be installed on vehicles that are driven on public roads.
Click here for more information about compliance with emissions standards.